Blog Post #2: Why Quill?

What is interesting about Paper Quilling? 5 Reasons to love Paper Quilling

1: Paper Quilling is actually easy

  • Although it may seem challenging, quilling is easy to learn. All you do is understand the basic strategies and develop your sizes.

2: Paper Quilling is affordable.

  • All you need to begin quilling are paper sheets, a quilling tool and glue. If you cannot buy a quilling resource, improvise by using a long needle, or a thin piece of metal. Just make sure you can easily roll the paper strips.

3: Anyone can do paper quilling!

  • All you need is patience, creativity, steady hands and good eyesight!

4: Paper Quilling is a great way to relieve stress

  • Quilling is particularly helpful to people who find it hard to express on their own, plus, it is an uplifting exercise to people who feel reduced.

5: It stimulates the mind.

  • Quilling develops both motor and cognitive skills for children. For adults, it decreases tension and nervousness.

Some people say they are nervous to start paper quilling. Although a finished product may look
complicated, the basic steps are easy to master. Here are some steps for you to start quilling:
1: First off, buy quilling paper. In many art and craft stores, you can buy packs of pre-cut quilling
paper, or cut your own strips.
2: You need the right tools. It is easier to roll paper with the slotted tool, but this tool tends to
crease the paper strips. People who are more experienced in paper quilling prefer the needle
tool as their paper roll stays neat and crease-less.
Basic paper quilling shapes
In the picture above, there are some of the very basic quilling shapes. By pinching and adjusting
the tension of the paper coil, different quilled shapes are made. The most basic shape of paper
quilling is the rolled paper coil.
If you’d like more information on how to start quilling, here are a few websites to start:


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