Blog Post #2 – Making the Perfect Chocolate Cake

To make the ideal chocolate cake may seem like a lot of work, but if you follow these instructions, you’ll be on your way!

First, you need to balance both the structure and texture of your cake, whilst keeping a clear chocolately flavour. For a while, the usual customers at Cakealicious Cakes are looking for a cake which has a good amount of chocolate flavour, the cake where after just one bite, the customer is able to realise that it is chocolate cake they are eating, as opposed to the cheap, processed chocolate cake they’d buy.

An important idea to think about when making a chocolate cake, is whether to use cocoa powder, cooking chocolate, or both. Below, I will talk about these ingredients and ingredient combinations, when baking a cake, and show what is the best one to use, in term of flavour and texture.

Both chocolate and cocoa powder originate from cacao beans, which have previously been fermented, extracted and dried. The cacao beans usually have up to 50 percent cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is made from cacao beans, which makes cocoa powder, while additional cocoa butter is necessary when making chocolate in order to give it the right taste and texture.

Other makes of cocoa butter allow a portion to produce a more rich, fattier cocoa, some cocoa have up to 25 percent fat. Cocoa powders come in two forms, natural or Dutch made. Natural cocoa is not treated with chemicals from alkalising agents, plus has a lighter colour and acidic pH. Cocoa processed in Dutch has treated with alkalising agents to neutralise the cocoa’s acidity, changing the flavour, and darkening the cocoa’s colour.

Other manufacturers allow a portion of the cocoa butter to remain yielding a more rich, fattier cocoa; some cocoas retain as much as 25 percent fat.  Cocoa powders generally come in two forms, natural or Dutch processed.  Dutch processed cocoa has been treated with alkalizing agents which stop the cocoa’s acidity, altering its flavor and darkening its color.  Natural cocoa is not chemically treated with alkalizing agents and has a lighter color and acidic pH.

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