Blog Post #1: Quilling –


Quilling, is an art or craft form involving paper, where the person creates a complex design, by simply shaping and gluing narrow paper strips.

This craft requires a lot of time, patience and tidiness, but it is all worth it as you see your creative, beautiful results which can be used for a number of purposes, such as decorating an item, adding something special to a greeting card, pictures, and even jewellery.

The first lesson I will show you is how to make a rose. To do this, you will need:

  • a 30cm strip of paper
  • a quilling tool
  • Glue

1: With your quilling tool, place the end of the paper strip into the slit.

2: Roll the strip a little, two or three turns, onto the quilling tool.

3; Bend your strip of paper out, then down near the tip of the quilling tool, at an angle between 110-120 degrees.

4: Roll the crease a little onto your tool.

5: Make another crease near the end of the previous crease, by bending the strip of paper out and down again.

6: Roll your new crease onto the quilling tool.

7: Continue rolling and folding the strip, creating your rose.

8: Once you’ve used up the strip, take the rose off the quilling tool, then glue the end of the strip down to the bottom side of the flower.

9: Press the centre of the rose down, so the rolled end of the strip will appear from its reverse side.

10: Bend this end of the paper, then glue it underneath the flower. This will stop it unfolding.

11: Hold the flower together until the glue dries. You can see what the reverse side looks like.

12: Now you can use your design for anything, such as a greeting card..

If you want to include a stem with your folded rose, you’ll need to fold the flower around a cocktail stick, toothpick, or piece of wire. Instead, roll the rose directly onto a toothpick rather than a quilling tool. Glue the end of the paper strip to the toothpick before folding the rose. Then follow through steps 2 to 8, but take note, you’ll need to apply glue between the layers as you fold.


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